Suppliers & Contracts


22nd Century Technologies

Security, Cloud, Network, and Data Services

#121923-CEN | Maturity Date: 2028-02-27

22nd Century Technologies

IT managed services and staff augmentation provider

#071321-CEN | Maturity Date: 2025-09-10


911 Supply

Law enforcement equipment *available only in Canada

#090122-911 | Maturity Date: 2026-11-07



Synthetic turf fields

#031622-ATF | Maturity Date: 2026-05-26

A3 Communications

Full-service systems integrator

#121923-A3C | Maturity Date: 2028-02-27

Abacus Service Corp.

Facilities management and maintenance

#062421-ABA | Maturity Date: 2025-08-08

Accu-Steel, Inc.

Fabric-covered buildings

#071223-ACS | Maturity Date: 2027-08-18

Across International

Material processing and medical laboratory equipment

#020723-ASI | Maturity Date: 2027-04-04

Active Deployment Systems

Restroom and shower solutions

#081721-ADP | Maturity Date: 2025-10-15

ADB Safegate

Airport runway materials

#110122-ADB | Maturity Date: 2027-01-13


Alternative student transportation solutions

#062723-ADT | Maturity Date: 2027-08-08

ADS, Inc

Body armor

#011221-ADS | Maturity Date: 2025-02-19

ADS, Inc

Public safety training equipment

#011822-ADS | Maturity Date: 2026-03-23

ADS, Inc.

Law enforcement equipment

#090122-ADS | Maturity Date: 2026-11-07

ADS, Inc.

Firefighting equipment and Solutions

#020124-ADS | Maturity Date: 2028-04-04


Wellness engagement program

#051922-ADV | Maturity Date: 2026-07-08


AEV: Emergency Vehicle Excellence

#122123-RVG-1 | Maturity Date: 2028-02-28

AGCO Corporation

Agricultural tractors

#082923-AGCO | Maturity Date: 2027-10-11

Agile Fleet

Fleet management

#020221-AAC | Maturity Date: 2025-03-26

Airport Technologies

Airport runway equipment

#111522-APT | Maturity Date: 2027-02-03

Alamo Group Texas LLC - Mantis

Road right-of-way maintenance equipment

#070821-AGI-2 | Maturity Date: 2025-08-09

Alamo Group Texas LLC- Alamo Industrial

Road right-of-way maintenance equipment

#070821-AGI | Maturity Date: 2025-08-09

Alamo Group Texas LLC-Terrain King

Road right-of-way maintenance equipment

#070821-AGI-1 | Maturity Date: 2025-08-09

All Hands Fire Equipment

Firefighter Equipment and Rescue Tools

#020124-ALH | Maturity Date: 2028-04-04