About Sourcewell

It's Not About Us. It's About You!

We exist for one purpose: to help communities.

For over 40 years, Sourcewell has helped government, education, and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently. We help them save time and money with contract purchasing solutions that are solicited nationally.

In Minnesota, we offer regionally focused programs for our government and education members who comprise an area known as Region 5. We are honored every time you call on us to help serve your community.


Sourcewell provides member-centered solutions that enable government, education, and nonprofit agencies to work more efficiently, and leverages its resources to strategically reinvest in the communities we serve as an invaluable service cooperative partner.


To build valued relationships and deliver innovative solutions with integrity, exceeding the expectations of our members.

Common Questions

Yes! In 1978, Sourcewell, formerly known as the National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA), was authorized by state law as an Educational Cooperative Service Unit (Service Cooperative #924) to serve education and government entities with solutions, as outlined in Minn. Stat. 123A.21, which are more efficiently delivered cooperatively than individually.

As a service cooperative, Sourcewell is a governmental unit of the State of Minnesota , and all our employees are government employees.

All education and government entities, as well as nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations, can apply for Sourcewell membership. To become a member, simply complete the online application.

A Board of Directors  governs Sourcewell, and is elected by full-voting members from a pool of local county commissioners, city council members, mayors, or school board members.