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Cooperative Purchasing with Sourcewell

Cooperative Purchasing

Save time and money by purchasing from our ready-to-use, competitively solicited contracts.

Cooperative purchasing is “Procurement conducted by, or on behalf of, one or more Public Procurement Units” as defined by the American Bar Association Model Procurement Code for State and Local Governments.

Sourcewell's analysts streamline the procurement process by developing RFPs and IFBs for national, competitive solicitations that meet or exceed local requirements. Our rigorous process is continually refined to best meet member needs and allows us to offer exceptional products from nationally acclaimed vendors.


  1. Become a Member

    Schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies can quickly and easily join for free. There are no fees to use our contracts, no commitment, and no obligation to purchase—and the online application takes just a few minutes.

    Businesses are not eligible for membership. Learn about becoming a vendor.

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  2. Search Awarded Vendors/Contracts

    Sourcewell has hundreds of awarded vendor contracts in a wide variety of industries, plus over 300 ezIQC Construction contracts.

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  3. Select a Vendor

    We’ve created a landing page on our website for each vendor and their contract. After you select a vendor, simply contact them to let them know you’re interested in using the Sourcewell contract—they’ll do the rest!

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Sourcewell membership is available to all education and government entities, as well as nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations.

There is no cost, no obligation, and no liability.

Businesses, private consumers, and for-profit organizations are not eligible.