Suppliers & Contracts


Axon Enterprise

Public safety video surveillance

#010720-AXN | Maturity Date: 2025-02-21

Axon Enterprise

Conducted energy weapons

#092722-AXN | Maturity Date: 2026-11-21

Axon Enterprise

Public safety video surveillance

#101223-AXN | Maturity Date: 2027-12-15


Bandit Industries

Recycling and repurposing equipment

#050119-BAN | Maturity Date: 2024-07-15

Bargreen Ellingson

Kitchen equipment and foodservice supplies

#063022-BRG | Maturity Date: 2026-08-03

Battle Motors

Class 6, 7, and 8 chassis

#060920-CRN | Maturity Date: 2024-08-01

BCI Burke

Playground and water play equipment

#010521-BUR | Maturity Date: 2026-02-17

Becker Arena Products Inc.

Ice rink and arena equipment

#120320-ATH-1 | Maturity Date: 2025-01-08

Ben E. Keith

Food service supplies and equipment

#040522-BEK | Maturity Date: 2026-06-03

Bentley Mills


#080819-BPS | Maturity Date: 2024-10-11

Bentley Mills


#061323-BPS | Maturity Date: 2027-08-09

Blauer Manufacturing

Uniforms, clothing, and accessories

#040920-BLA | Maturity Date: 2024-05-22

Blink Charging (CCGI Holdings, LLC)

Electric vehicle equipment

#042221-SEM | Maturity Date: 2025-07-20


Complete parking control solution

#120423-BLKAY | Maturity Date: 2028-01-15

Blue Bird Bus

School buses

#063020-BBB | Maturity Date: 2025-08-15

Blue Systems

Curb & Mobility Management Data Platform

#120423-BLUSY | Maturity Date: 2028-01-15

Blue1 Energy Equipment

Above-ground fuel storage and dispensing equipment

#092920-TAN | Maturity Date: 2024-12-07

BMG Money

Employee financial wellness

#031623-BMG | Maturity Date: 2027-05-29

Bobcat/Doosan/Clark Equip.

Medium-duty construction equipment

#020223-CEC | Maturity Date: 2027-04-17

Bobcat/Doosan/Clark Equip.

Landscape and grounds maintenance equipment

#031121-CEC | Maturity Date: 2025-04-30

Bobcat/Doosan/Clark Equip.

Compact construction equipment

#040319-CEC | Maturity Date: 2024-05-31

Bobcat/Doosan/Clark Equip.

Portable construction equipment

#020923-CEC | Maturity Date: 2027-04-20

Bobcat/Doosan/Clark Equip.

Generators and portable power equipment

#041719-CEC | Maturity Date: 2024-06-17


Roadway paving

#060122-BAI | Maturity Date: 2026-08-01