Suppliers & Contracts

Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Fuel and fluid dispensing and management systems

#092920-GVR | Maturity Date: 2024-12-07

Gill Athletics⸺ Porter Athletic

Athletic equipment

#071819-PTA-1 | Maturity Date: 2024-10-03

Global Env. Prod.

Street sweepers and leaf vacs

#093021-GEP | Maturity Date: 2025-11-16

Global Rental

Rental digger derricks, bucket trucks, cable placers, and equipment

#062320-ALT | Maturity Date: 2024-08-27

Globe Trailers


#092922-GLB | Maturity Date: 2026-12-20

Gold Star Foods

School nutrition service provider for K-12

#111621-GSF | Maturity Date: 2026-02-01


Tires and related equipment and services

#102517-GTC | Maturity Date: 2023-11-27

Gopher Sport

Physical education, athletic, and fitness equipment

#071819-PRO | Maturity Date: 2024-10-03


Facility assessment and planning

#020421-GGI | Maturity Date: 2025-03-24


Program management consulting services

#050421-GGI | Maturity Date: 2025-06-07


Building/infrastructure repairs, alterations, and restoration services

#091620-GGI | Maturity Date: 2025-10-01

Gordian/VFA, Inc.

Facility assessment and planning

#020421-ACT | Maturity Date: 2025-03-24


Auction services

#012821-GDI | Maturity Date: 2025-03-19

GPS Insight, LLC

Fleet management

#020221-GPI | Maturity Date: 2025-03-26


Lubrication dispensing equipment

#092920-GRC | Maturity Date: 2024-12-07

Gradall Industries

Telescopic boom, highway speed, and rough-terrain excavators

#040319-GRD | Maturity Date: 2024-05-31

Gradall Industries, LLC

Heavy construction equipment

#011723-GRD | Maturity Date: 2027-04-14


Firefighting PPE

#032620-WWG | Maturity Date: 2024-05-07


Firefighting equipment

#040220-WWG | Maturity Date: 2024-05-07


Janitorial supplies

#101320-WWG | Maturity Date: 2024-11-16


Landscape and grounds equipment and UTVs

#031121-ACO-1 | Maturity Date: 2025-04-30

Green Climber

Road right-of-way maintenance equipment

#070821-GCL | Maturity Date: 2025-08-09

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness equipment

#010721-GRN | Maturity Date: 2025-02-05


Citation enforcement solutions

#080321-GTE | Maturity Date: 2025-10-07

H2I Group

Artificial turf, track surfacing, and associated equipment

#031622-H2I | Maturity Date: 2026-05-26

H2I Group

Technical education and lab supplies and equipment

#040121-H2I | Maturity Date: 2025-06-01

Habit Design

Digital health products

#012722-HBD | Maturity Date: 2026-03-29