Suppliers & Contracts

Accu-Steel, Inc.

Fabric-covered buildings

#071223-ACS | Maturity Date: 2027-08-18


Alternative student transportation solutions

#062723-ADT | Maturity Date: 2027-08-08

ADS, Inc.

Law enforcement equipment

#090122-ADS | Maturity Date: 2026-11-07

AGCO Corporation

Agricultural tractors

#082923-AGCO | Maturity Date: 2027-10-11

Agile Fleet

Fleet management

#020221-AAC | Maturity Date: 2025-03-26

All Traffic Solutions

Law enforcement equipment

#090122-ATS | Maturity Date: 2026-11-07

Altec Industries

Digger derricks, bucket trucks, and utility equipment

#110421-ALT | Maturity Date: 2025-12-27

American Cargo Group


#092922-AGO | Maturity Date: 2026-12-20


In-vehicle HD video surveillance and tracking

#020221-IVS | Maturity Date: 2025-03-26


Heavy-duty vehicle maintenance equipment

#013020-ARP | Maturity Date: 2025-04-13

Assist Services

Alternative student transportation

#062723-ARS | Maturity Date: 2027-08-08


Class 7-8 chassis with related equipment

#060920-ATC | Maturity Date: 2025-08-01


Automated curb management for safer streets

#120423-AUTOM | Maturity Date: 2028-01-15

Battle Motors

Class 6, 7, and 8 chassis

#060920-CRN | Maturity Date: 2025-08-01

BendPak Inc.

Vehicle lifts, wheel service & shop equipment

#121223-BND | Maturity Date: 2028-02-12

Blink Charging (CCGI Holdings, LLC)

Electric vehicle equipment

#042221-SEM | Maturity Date: 2025-07-20


Complete parking control solution

#120423-BLKAY | Maturity Date: 2028-01-15

Blue Bird Bus

School buses

#063020-BBB | Maturity Date: 2025-08-15

Blue Systems

Curb & Mobility Management Data Platform

#120423-BLUSY | Maturity Date: 2028-01-15

Blue1 Energy Equipment

Above-ground fuel storage and dispensing equipment

#092920-TAN | Maturity Date: 2025-12-07

Box Gang Manufacturing

Waste and recycling equipment and containers

#040621-BXG | Maturity Date: 2025-06-02

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus

Buy, sell, and fix used fire apparatus

#120921-BLE | Maturity Date: 2026-01-13


GPS/AVL fleet telematics solutions

#020221-CAW | Maturity Date: 2025-03-26

Cascade Engineering

Plastic refuse and recycling containers

#041521-CEI | Maturity Date: 2025-05-28

Caterpillar Inc.

Heavy construction equipment

#011723-CAT | Maturity Date: 2027-04-14

Caterpillar Inc.

Medium-duty construction equipment

#020223-CAT | Maturity Date: 2027-04-17

Caterpillar Inc.

Rental machines, tools, and equipment from Cat and 70+ brands

#062320-CAT | Maturity Date: 2025-08-27


Managed services and staff augmentation

#071321-CDW | Maturity Date: 2025-09-10


Technology catalog solutions

#081419-CDW | Maturity Date: 2024-10-30


Electric vehicle equipment

#042221-CPI | Maturity Date: 2025-07-20