Suppliers & Contracts


Electrical energy power generation equipment

#092222-KOH | Maturity Date: 2026-11-22

PowerSchool Group

Public administration software

#090320-POW | Maturity Date: 2024-11-02

Forward Thinking Systems

Fleet and asset tracking solutions

#020221-FWD | Maturity Date: 2025-03-26

STEM For Kids

STEM lessons, training, and consultation

#040121-SFK | Maturity Date: 2025-06-01

Athletica Sport Systems Inc.

Ice arena and sports facility products

#120320-ATH | Maturity Date: 2025-01-08

Cascadia Sport Systems Inc.

Custom sport solutions for ice hockey and MAC sports

#120320-ATH-2 | Maturity Date: 2025-01-08

Multiforce Systems

Fleet fuel management system hardware and software

#092920-MTF | Maturity Date: 2024-12-07

Johnson Controls, Inc.

HVAC systems

#070121-JHN | Maturity Date: 2025-08-12

T2 Systems

Parking management systems

#080321-TSI | Maturity Date: 2025-10-07

Mitel Business Systems

Unified communications

#120122-MBS | Maturity Date: 2027-03-17

Syntech Systems

Fuel management and fleet management solutions

#092920-SYS | Maturity Date: 2024-12-07

National Recreation Systems

Event seating

#081523-NRS | Maturity Date: 2027-10-06

Active Deployment Systems

Restroom and shower solutions

#081721-ADP | Maturity Date: 2025-10-15

Doron Precision Systems, Inc.

Public safety training equipment

#011822-DRN | Maturity Date: 2026-03-23

Playworld Systems - PlayPower, Inc.

Commercial playground manufacturer

#010521-LTS-8 | Maturity Date: 2026-02-17

PURVIS Systems

IP-based fire and EMS alerting solutions

#042021-PUR | Maturity Date: 2025-06-23

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Western Canada

Professional janitorial and custodial services serving western Canada

#062421-VAN | Maturity Date: 2025-08-08

Johnson Controls Fire Protection

Facility security systems

#030421-JHN | Maturity Date: 2025-04-22

STEM Supplies

STEM curriculum solutions

#040121-STM | Maturity Date: 2025-06-01

Zetron, Inc.

Technology solutions to optimize integrated communications

#042021-ZET | Maturity Date: 2025-06-23

JF Petroleum Group

Fuels and fluids storage, management, and dispensing systems

#092920-JFA | Maturity Date: 2024-12-07


Public safety software

#051321-ENV | Maturity Date: 2025-07-27

Securitas Technology Corporation

Facility security systems

#030421-SCS | Maturity Date: 2025-04-22

H2I Group

Technical education and lab supplies and equipment

#040121-H2I | Maturity Date: 2025-06-01

Aries Industries

Pipeline video inspection/rehabilitation equipment

#120721-ARS | Maturity Date: 2026-01-17

Mohawk Lifts, LLC

Vehicle lifts

#013020-MRL | Maturity Date: 2025-04-13


HVAC systems

#070121-SIE | Maturity Date: 2025-08-12


Public safety training equipment

#011822-LXP | Maturity Date: 2026-03-23