Become a Vendor

For information construction contracts - please visit the Become an IQC Contractor page

A Competitive Process

To become an Awarded Vendor, you must respond to one of our competitive solicitations.

Unlike our members, vendors and manufacturers can’t simply apply. Instead, they must follow a competitive solicitation process which begins with responding to a Sourcewell RFP (request for proposal) or IFB (invitation for bid).

Once RFP responses are evaluated and scored, our Board of Directors awards the contract to the most responsive and responsible vendor(s). Our members can then purchase goods and services using the contract. Through the awarded contract process, your company and/or dealer network can become one of Sourcewell’s highly regarded vendors.

Prospective vendors should understand Sourcewell contracts are national solutions versus the traditional spec-based bids. It’s an important distinction. When vendors respond to a Sourcewell RFP, they should submit all eligible products and/or services within the scope of the published RFP. Respondents should also demonstrate their ability to sell and service nationwide.

We partner with world-class vendors to serve our 50,000 unique members, who are searching for a wide variety of products, equipment, and services.

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Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Determine if an RFP is coming up for solicitation for your products and services.

    Watch the Solicitations page on this website and look for a proposal category describing the type of products, equipment, and services you provide.

    If you locate an industry competitor that is already an awarded vendor on the Sourcewell website, be sure to check the contract's maturity date. Depending on timing, you can contact the Sourcewell contract administrator associated with the contract for details and timelines for upcoming solicitations.

    If you have questions regarding the contract process, or don't see a category that describes your products and/or services, you may contact Sourcewell’s Contract Administration Team.

  2. Respond to an RFP in appropriate category

    Simply visit the Solicitations page, choose an RFP/IFB that fits your products/services, and complete the form to download the appropriate documentation. Carefully read the entire RFP document, attend the pre-proposal conference, and work within your organization to completely, concisely, and transparently answer all the questions listed in the RFP forms. Finally, provide all required documents by the submission deadline.

    Our submission date is final. No extensions.

  3. Watch for Award/Non-Award Announcements

    Once you have submitted a response to the RFP, Sourcewell will contact you when evaluations are complete via email. Depending upon the result, you will be contacted to schedule a launch call or have the option of a review meeting to discuss how your proposal scored.