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Job Order Contract & Indefinite Quantity Construction

It starts with a local bid

To become an awarded contractor, you must respond to an Invitation for Bid/Invitation to Bid (IFB/ITB) in an area where you have an office.

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ezIQC is a contracting procurement system providing Sourcewell's participating agencies access to “on-call” contractors to immediately build, repair, or renovate public facilities.

Unlike traditional JOC (job order contracting), Sourcewell contracts are solicited at a local level—meaning we bid and award to local contractors. Area contractors know local construction procurement laws and best practices. The Construction Task Catalog (CTC) prices are based on local prevailing wage rates, material prices, and equipment costs. We award contracts to the most responsive and responsible contractors.

Each Sourcewell ezIQC IFB/ITB includes:

  • Local advertisements
  • Book 1 – Project information, instructions to bidders, and execution documents
  • Book 2 – IQCC standard terms and conditions and contract general conditions
  • Book 3 – Construction Task Catalog (CTC) – local labor, material, and equipment costs
  • Book 4 – Technical specifications
  • Local wage rates by county

While Sourcewell participating agencies (any government or education entity) register via a form, contractors cannot. To earn a contract, contractors must complete the competitive solicitation process which starts with responding to a Sourcewell IFB/ITB.

At the end of the process, Sourcewell’s Board of Directors awards the supplier(s)/contractor(s) with the highest qualifying solution(s). Sourcewell clients can then purchase using the contract instead of issuing a unique solicitation.

The only way to become a Sourcewell ezIQC contractor is through earning an awarded contract.

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