Become an awarded Sourcewell supplier

Finally, an award you can take to the bank

To become an awarded Sourcewell supplier, you must excel in responding to our RFP within your category in a competitive solicitation process. Suppliers achieving top scores are awarded contracts, with access to over 50,000 agencies. Create an account

What are the next steps?

Unlock your public sector sales potential.

  1. Register to receive bid alerts

    Create an account on Sourcewell's procurement portal to get notified about opportunities. Enter your business name, email, and select industries to compete in. Signing up for alerts doesn't guarantee a contract. You must respond to open bids and score well enough to be awarded a contract.

  2. Find your category

    Contracts are awarded based on solutions, not specifications. They encompass all relevant products and services offered by the supplier within the RFP scope.

  3. Respond

    Submit your response to an open Sourcewell RFP or IFB in our Procurement Portal. All supplier responses received by the bid closing date will be evaluated by our team, and you will be notified of the outcome via email.

Once RFP responses are evaluated, our Board of Directors awards the contract to the most responsive and responsible supplier(s). Our clients at participating agencies can then purchase goods and services through the contract.

Who is currently using awarded Sourcewell contracts? View a list of current clients served by our existing supplier contracts.

A fleet worker and supplier shaking hands

Grow your public sector business with an awarded Sourcewell contract

The buzz on cooperative purchasing

State, local, and education agencies are increasingly using cooperative contracts to drive efficiencies in the purchasing process as well as take advantage of leveraged savings.

Building an ultimate sales pipeline

A Sourcewell contract will put your company ahead of your competition. As a government agency, public entities are able to rely on Sourcewell's rigorous evaluation and bidding process to offer them the brands they want, on time, and within budget.

Lead with your brand, close with Sourcewell

Since Sourcewell has already done the bidding process, agencies can quickly gather quotes while relying on your brand, local sales agents, dealer networks, or distributers for installation and support.

Register to receive bid alerts