Welcome to the Future

NJPA is now Sourcewell

More Than a Name Change

The heart of our organization is service, and Sourcewell proudly proclaims who we are and what we do. Sourcewell stands out in a world filled with acronyms. We boldly changed our name as part of an overall plan to deepen relationships with you, our member, and to make it easier for you to find the solutions you need.

After nearly two years of research and planning, National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) became Sourcewell on June 6, 2018.

Sourcewell Official Name Change Resolution (PDF)

What is NOT Changing

Our Mission.

Our commitment to service and
exceeding member expectations.

Our relationship with you.

Membership agreements
and your membership number.*

Our existing contracts,
vendor relationships,
and other services.

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*Membership agreements, contracts and agreements entered into with the National Joint Powers Alliance name will remain valid and continue in effect without impact. This ensures contractual continuity and safeguards against disruptions to engagement with Sourcewell or NJPA. This includes use of cooperative purchasing contracts or other binding contractual engagements such as state's participating addenda.

Sorucewell logo overlaying a aerial view of a city

The Story Behind the Logo

A Bold Step Forward

The mosaic in the logo represents the streets, parks, schools, and integral roads connecting them all, while the distinctive orange arrow signals forward progress for the communities we serve.

Additionally, the emphasis on well signifies our commitment to being a valued source for members.

About Sourcewell