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Rethink your approach to insurance & benefits

Sourcewell understands your needs and challenges, and brings the expertise to make the entire process simpler. Better.

We did our research, hired experts, and partnered with the right providers to offer ideal solutions for public, education, and nonprofit entities. It’s an altogether better approach that will have a real impact on the lives of your employees and constituents.

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Complex made simple.

Assessing and bidding insurance is complex: creating a yearly RFP, comparing bids and terms, and more.

Our team is equipped to do the competitive solicitation process for you—vetting options to ensure a compliant, competitive product.

How Cooperative Purchasing Works

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We get you.

Because we are like you.

Sourcewell is a self-supporting government organization, partnering with education, government, and nonprofits to boost community success. We offer a cooperative purchasing program—including solutions in insurance and employee benefits—to ensure you get the products and services needed to enhance the lives of your employees and constituents.

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Common Questions

While Sourcewell personnel are experienced and licensed insurance professionals, we are not brokers.

Sourcewell is a government entity focused on serving our members, and can work alongside your organization — or with your existing agent or broker — to help you accomplish your goals.

Sourcewell is currently only able to offer a health insurance plan within Minnesota to ERISA exempt employers with more than 25 enrolled employees.

If your organization or agency is in Minnesota, please contact us at 877-585-9706 for additional information on the Sourcewell Health Insurance Pool. Link will take you to our new website.

Providers who are listed with an awarded contract have undergone Sourcewell's rigorous competitive solicitation process. Those providers who have a service agreement have not undergone the full process, but have been thoroughly vetted by the Insurance and Risk Management team.