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When you need contract flexibility, Sourcewell can help you flex. With hundreds of suppliers on contract, you will most likely find the products and services you want. Go ahead and check state contracts first, and trust Sourcewell awarded contracts to supercharge your state-agency procurement strategy.

The flexibility you need.

  • Supplier choice

  • Solutions-based RFPs

  • Online product searches, quotes, and purchases with select suppliers

Kenosha Testimonial

The easier path to sustainability

Jay Getka knows money doesn’t grow on trees. So, when the Fleet Manager for the city of Kenosha saw the dollars his city could save by purchasing equipment versus renting, he knew it was time to branch out.

For the past 15-plus years, the city of Kenosha has offered biannual composting services to its citizens. Getka said the city allows for drop off or curb collection of yard waste, including trees, leaves, and grass clippings. The city then processes the waste using a trommel screen, an integral piece of equipment its public works department didn’t own.

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