Cooperative Purchasing

for Education

Put the power of many to work for you.

Sourcewell combines the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations to save you time and money. Our cooperative purchasing program manages the solicitation requirements and offers members easy access to an established network of awarded contracts.

  • No Cost or Commitment

    Membership is free and there are no charges or requirements to use our contracts. Vendors pay a fee to Sourcewell each time their contract is used, which funds our services. Our contracts are nonexclusive, with no obligation to purchase.

  • Regional Rebate Program

    We refund the vendor fees Sourcewell earns on purchases made by members based our five-county service area right back to the agency making the purchase. As a full-voting regional member, you receive a check each September for 1% of purchases you have made over the past year using Sourcewell contracts.

  • Easy

    Our procurement team has already solicited our contracts and they are ready for use. There’s no need to go through the solicitation process yourself. Purchasing is simple: you review awarded contracts and select a vendor.

  • National Strength with Local Choice

    Sourcewell awards contracts at the manufacturer level when possible. The manufacturer’s authorized dealer network is then encouraged to sell the products at the local level.

  • Meet YOUR Needs

    Members can propose supplemental terms and conditions to the Sourcewell contract to meet their local requirements. Plus, we offer a wide range of solutions from technology to construction with specialists in-house to help meet your unique needs.

  • Compliant

    Sourcewell is a government agency, so we understand the complexities of government purchasing. We have the expertise and resources to solicit contracts the same way you would—in compliance with local and national regulations.

  • Transparent

    Our Sourcewell procurement team maintains a complete file. Team members provide contract documentation on our website for review, or make it available by request.


Questions? Contact us at 877-585-9706