Best bargain in town

Your school is the heart of your community. Use Sourcewell cooperative purchasing to keep up the good rhythm you have going. You provide high-quality education for students, while managing budgets and the best use of tax dollars. When money and staff time are tight, use Sourcewell to help buy the products and services you need to make your school even better.

Best of both worlds
Fri, 08/19/2022 - 09:49

Best of both worlds

Balancing taxpayer expectations and school and student needs, school leaders turned to cooperative purchasing to procure quality products at an affordable cost.

In the words of Sartell Superintendent Jeff Schwiebert, “Taxpayers would like to pay as little as possible and, at the same time, get as good of a quality as we can.”

To get the best of both, he turned to government partner Sourcewell.

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