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Contract Participation Details

Sourcewell contracts #121218-WWG for Facilities, Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Related Supplies; #121416-WWG for Public Safety Related Equipment with Supplies, Accessories, and Services; #032620-WWG for Firefighting Personal Protective Equipment, Apparel, and Accessories; #040220-WWG for Firefighting Equipment and Rescue Tools with Related Supplies and Accessories; and #101320-WWG for Janitorial Supplies between Sourcewell and Grainger, are made available to all Sourcewell participating agencies.

Sourcewell participating agencies must complete this Grainger Contract Affiliation Form to become affiliated to these agreements, and to ensure that they receive all of the benefits of the Vendor Agreements #121218-WWG, #121416-WWG, #032620, #040220, and #101320-WWG (collectively, the “Vendor Agreements”).

By submitting, the Sourcewell Participating Agency Understands & Acknowledges:

  • May elect to participate in only one (1) Grainger catalog-wide agreement at any given time---for this purpose all Vendor Agreements with Grainger are considered part of the same catalog-wide agreement.
  • Agrees to purchase MRO equipment and supplies, Science-Curriculum and/or Educational Research Related Supplies, Equipment & Accessories, Public Safety Related Equipment with Supplies and Accessories and Professional Consulting Services with Related Supplies and Accessories in accordance with the appropriate Vendor Agreement. This Contract Participation Form and the above referenced Vendor Agreements supersede all previous declarations for the purchase of product from Grainger.
  • The Sourcewell Participating Agency further understands that enrollment will remain in effect during the each of the Vendor Agreements,including any contract extensions. The Sourcewell Participating Agency is not subject to any minimum purchase requirement under any of the Vendor Agreements. The contract term of each Vendor Agreement, subject to an opportunity for Sourcewell and Grainger to agree to additional periods, will expire as listed below:

    #121218-WWG with the contract term expiring on January 25, 2023
    #121416-WWG with the contract term expiring on August 31, 2022
    #032620-WWG with the contract term expiring on May 7, 2024
    #040220-WWG with the contract term expiring on May 7, 2024
    #101320-WWG with the contract term expiring on November 16, 2024

The submitting Sourcewell Participating Agency is requesting that all Sourcewell accounts be enrolled under the Vendor Agreement #121218-WWG, #121416-WWG, #032620-WWG, #040220-WWG, or #101320-WWG for the purposes of purchasing maintenance, repair, operations supplies, and equipment from Grainger. 

Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.

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Simply complete this Grainger Contract Participation Form to become affiliated to these agreements.