Street sweepers

Maturity Date:  11/16/2025

Website:  buchermunicipal.com/cooperative-purchasing

Products & Services

Sourcewell contract 093021-BUC gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • ES351 truck-mounted sweeper
  • VT652 truck-mounted sweeper
  • VS652 CNG truck-mounted sweeper
  • VT802 truck-mounted sweeper
  • RS655 truck-mounted sweeper
  • V20 compact sweeper
  • City Cat 5006 mid-size sweeper
  • JHL RECycler 315 & 208 Arctic compact sweepers
  • JHL CityFlex 205 compact sweeper
  • JHL Remote Reel (easement machine) 
  • CNG chassis upgrade 

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