Unmanned vehicle systems

Maturity Date:  3/24/2027

Website:  rmus.com/sourcewell

Products & Services

Sourcewell contract 011223-RMS gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • RMUS HUB – online drone training
  • Regulatory, operator, and program management trainings
  • NDAA section 848 compliant drones
  • Public safety drones
  • Certified dealer for: DJI, Skydio, Idea Forge, RTR HERA, Autel, Skycatch
  • Tactical robot - Boston Dynamics SPOT
  • Mapping drones – Sony Airpeak, Propeller Aeropoints
  • AI & modelling software – Qii.ai, Pix4D, gNext, Seecore
  • Counter drone systems – Aaronia, BluVec
  • Drone tether system– Elistair
  • Inspection payloads – Methane Detection, Corona, Thermal

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