Georgia DOAS Contract

for Construction Procurement

This information is for Georgia state agencies seeking construction services only.

State of Georgia Contract Information

The Georgia Department of Administrative Services, State Purchasing Division, holds a Statewide Contract (SWC) for Indefinite Quantity Construction Contract Services (Sourcewell/NJPA Contract #99999-SPD-S20160216).

The original effective date was July 25, 2016 and is a Convenience Contract for all State Entities as well as other Governmental entities. This includes state authorities, local government, municipalities, cities, townships, counties, and other political subdivisions within the State of Georgia.

The contract base term was 1 year—from July 21, 2016 to July 20, 2017—with four, one-year options for renewal through July 20, 2020. Users of this contract may use purchase orders or their P-Cards.

The contract is with the following construction contractors:

  • Astra Construction Services, LLC
  • Brown & Root
  • Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
  • Engineering Design Technologies, Inc.
  • F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Associates, LLC
  • Greene & Burdette Property Mgmt., LLC
  • HCR Construction
  • HITT Contracting, Inc.
  • J.J. Morley Enterprises, Inc.
  • Johnson-Laux, LLC
  • JOC-Construction, LLC
  • Osprey Management, LLC P
  • Prime Contractors, Inc.
  • Red Cloud Services, LLC
  • Rubio and Son Interiors, Inc.

This contract is currently established with Team Georgia Marketplace™. Contract information, including the Information and Benefit Sheet, can be found on the Supplier's Contract Summary Page located within Team Georgia Marketplace found on the DOAS State Purchasing Website. Login using the Guest Credentials of tgmguest and then proceed to the Catalog and Contracts located in the menu bar and select Search for Contract. Enter the Contract Number or Supplier Name. Additionally, if you are:

  • A Registered State Agency User you can access this information using the Virtual Catalog link located with PeopleSoft.
  • A Registered Technical College Shopper can access this information by clicking here and entering their login credentials.
  • A Registered Window Shopper can access this information by clicking here and entering the credentials provided during registration.

The purpose of this contract is to provide Authorized Users a contracting procurement system that provides facility owners' access to "on-call" contractors to provide immediate construction, repair, renovation, and alteration services over an extended period of time.

Orders may be placed by using the ordering instructions listed on the SWC information sheet.

Contact Information

Latrice Njee, GCPA, GCPM
Contract Management Specialist - State Purchasing Division

Additional Information:

These construction contracts are only for Georgia state agencies seeking services.

The current Indefinite Quantity Construction Contract (90818) will expire on August 26, 2016. So please make sure to have all pending projects issued a PO by August 26, 2016. Otherwise projects will have to be repriced under the new contract.

NIGP codes assigned to the Indefinite Quantity Construction Contract Services:

  • 90922 → Building Construction, Non-Residential, Office Bldg., etc.
  • 91221 → Construction, Energy Related, All Types
  • 91336 → Construction, Parking Lot and Alley
  • 92544 → General Construction: Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimation Engineering
  • 98863 → Park Area Construction and Renovation

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