Student Academic Programs

for Central Minnesota Schools & Districts

Think Outside the Classroom

Promote learning, creativity, and team building! These K-12 programs in Minnesota Region 5 range from rigorous academic contests to showcasing student artistic creations.

  • Young Authors Conference | Grades 4-6

    Designed for students who have an interest in writing, this conference provides students the opportunity to learn from professional writers. Featuring interactive sessions led by writers, poets, songwriters, actors, illustrators, and more, the event encourages students to become better writers.

  • Knowledge Bowl | Grades 7-12

    Facing off against other teams, students work together to answer questions related to all areas of learning. Students recall, solve problems, think critically, and sharpen teamwork skills. Competitions are in January, February, and March–with top teams in grades 9-12 advancing to the Minnesota State Knowledge Bowl.

  • Spelling Bee | Grades 3-8

    It’s learning disguised as a game. The spelling bee is a series of contests starting at the school and district level. Through competition, students improve spelling and vocabulary skills. In the spring of each year, Sourcewell sponsors the Lakes Bee for Region 5 member schools. The winner of Lakes Bee earns an all-expenses paid trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC.

  • Art Show | Grades 4-12

    Students in grades 4-12 can showcase their artwork in the annual art show. They can compete in many categories including: painting, drawing, crafts, mixed media, digital art, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and pottery/ceramics.

  • Academic Decathlon® | Grades 9-12

    When students participate in the Academic Decathlon, they experience the rigors of team and individual competition. The curriculum addresses national content and curriculum standards, and tests students in economics, science, literature, art, speech, and more.

  • Math Masters | Grades 5-6

    Throughout Minnesota, students in grades 5-6 challenge critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities as a part of Math Masters. Sourcewell is a proud host of this year's Grade 5 spring mathematics competition focused on recognizing academic effort and achievement.

    Register to attend - Thursday, May 2, 2019


For more information regarding these programs and how to participate, contact Katie Embree, Student Academic Coordinator, at

Additional Academic Opportunities

The programs outlined below are not hosted by Sourcewell. (Includes links to nongovernment sites.)

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