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for central Minnesota communities

Aerial photograph of downtown Little Falls, Minn.

Planning for Success

Sourcewell specialists assist local units of government in a variety of ways—including administering zoning ordinances, preparing/implementing planning documents, and supporting staff. We serve over 30 communities in central Minnesota.

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  • Zoning, Ordinance & Subdivision Reviews

    When it comes to zoning ordinance amendments and variance, conditional use permit and subdivision application reviews, and a host of other zoning services, experienced Sourcewell staff can assist with ensuring the review and decision making process is handled properly and fits your community's needs.

  • Permitting & General Zoning Assistance

    Helping you serve your community, Sourcewell staff can ensure proper paperwork is submitted, local ordinances are followed during permitting, questions about local zoning ordinances are answered, and much more.

  • Planning Services

    Be it Comprehensive; Downtown; or Park, Trail, and Open Space Plans, the knowledgeable staff at Sourcewell will help you to not only identify challenges and opportunities in your community, but coordinate projects, policies, and planning studies.

  • Mapping Services & Community Engagement

    Create a vision for the future and document current land use. Sourcewell staff can create aerial, zoning, future land use, parks and trails, and road maps for your community projects, as well as assist with community engagement efforts and public participation.

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