Short Call Substitute Teacher Training

Substitute Teachers

Learn the basics of becoming a substitute teacher in this unique online workshop.

Date: On demand

Time: On demand

Location: Online

$25 for participants associated with schools in the five-county service area;
$75 for all other participants

This training is for those with a non-education four-year bachelor’s degree or an associate degree, professional certification, or five years relevant experience in a career and technical field, that are interested in becoming a limited short-call substitute teacher.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the application process for a three-year license
  • Understand the role of a substitute teacher in the classroom and district
  • Gain tips and insights on the basics of effective classroom management

This online course is focused on building an understanding of the role of a short-call sub in the classroom and school district, as well as the process for applying for the three-year short call sub license through the Minnesota Department of Education. Participants will also learn the basics of classroom management via the Catalyst learning approach. 

Event Registration

Registration deadline: May 31, 2022

Check-in: Details on accessing workshop content will be provided via email after registration

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Short-call Substitute Training

On demand

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