Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity (SEED) Seminars

SEED is a peer-led professional development program that promotes change through self-reflection and interpersonal dialogue.

Participants in either semester will challenge their own personal beliefs and practices, while connecting with other educators. Rachel Logan, Sourcewell consultant and trained SEED leader, will facilitate and be available to regional schools.

Depending on the semester selected, topics will include:

  • Poverty and Gender
    We will shine a light on inequities and find ways to mitigate practices that do not effectively serve all socio-economic backgrounds. The second half of semester two will examine gender inequities, the messages society sends about gender, and how these messages impact schools.
  • Race, Religion, and Language
    Students’ racial, religious, and language identities have an impact on their learning and our teaching. This course examines and discusses school-based impacts of race, religious expression, and family home language.
  • Immigration, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity
    Respecting our students’ immigration status, sexual orientation, or gender identity and ensuring a safe and equitable learning community is essential. This SEED Seminar gives educators the opportunity to increase knowledge and comfort around potentially unfamiliar identities. This allows them to recognize and respond to inequities as they occur.

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Event Details

FREE for Region 5 Member Schools

Event Registration

Select ONE or BOTH Semesters. Morning and afternoon options will be available.

Semester I - Registration Closed
Poverty and Gender; Race, Religion, and Language

Dates: (please note date change)
- October 30, 2018 - complete
- November 27, 2018 - complete
- December 19, 2018 - complete
- February 22, 2019 - complete

Semester II
Race, Religion, and Language; Immigration, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity

- January 31, 2019 - complete
- February 28, 2019 - complete
- March 28, 2019 - complete
- April 25, 2019 - complete
- May 16, 2019

SEED Seminar: Semester Two

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