ENVoY Early Childhood - Part III

Early Childhood Educators

Building on learning from Part I and II by hearing and sharing implementation examples and stories.

Date: Returning Summer 2020

Time: TBD

Location: Sourcewell

Cost: TBD

ENVoY Early Childhood - Part I
ENVoY Early Childhood - Part II

CEUs: Eligible for CEUs

Learning Objectives:

  • Expand understanding of ENVoY strategies and Seven Gems
  • Collaborate with peers to share and gain ideas and samples
  • Learn about ENVoY Certification

Take time to reflect and briefly review ENVoY Early Childhood - Part I and Part II in this third part of the series. Participants are encouraged to bring ideas, examples, and samples of their own implementation to share with other early childhood educators.

    This workshop is offered with Early Childhood and Daycare Providers in mind.

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    Event Registration

    Registration deadline: Registration opening in Spring 2020. Questions may be direct to education@sourcewell-mn.gov.

    Check-in: 30 minutes prior to workshop start.