ENVoY Early Childhood - Part I

Early Childhood Educators

Designed for early childhood educators and childcare providers, this training focuses on applying ENVoY nonverbal techniques with young learners.

Date: Returning Summer 2020

Time: TBD

Location: Sourcewell

Cost: TBD

Prerequisites: None

CEUs: Eligible for CEUs

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the basics of the ENVoY system of nonverbal techniques
  • Learn how to use simple techniques to influence positive behavior

Working with young children is one of the most rewarding and important jobs. It’s also one of the most challenging as evidenced by a shortage of daycare providers and a staff turnover rate of 30% among early childhood staff.

This workshop was designed with Early Childhood educators and daycare providers in mind, and can help reduce some stressors of the job.

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    Event Registration

    Registration deadline: Registration opening in Spring 2020. Questions may be direct to education@sourcewell-mn.gov.

    Check-in: 30 minutes prior to workshop start.