Sourcewell for Vendors

Resources & tools for promoting an awarded contract

A Growing Opportunity

Our members are doubling the volume of Sourcewell contract purchases every 3-5 years. Why? Because we listen to member problems and find solutions through our like-minded vendors.

As industry leaders, we are dedicated to processes and procedures that will continuously exceed the expectations of our members. We expect the highest level of integrity, business practices, and ethics from our awarded-contract vendors.

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Contract Vendor Advantages

  • Responding to just one RFP solicitation potentially reaches 50k members
  • Opportunity to market nationally with a unified contract message
  • Significant efficiencies—savings to both contracted suppliers and Sourcewell members
  • Centralized, national contract management at the corporate or manufacturer level
  • Solutions-based solicitation—avoiding the challenges of specifications
  • Ceiling-based pricing–offering contract price level flexibility on volume commitments