Competitive Solicitations

for Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)


These solicitations are currently accepting responses. For detailed documentation on how to submit a proposal, select the solicitation.

How the Solicitation Process Works

General Solicitations
Indefinite Quantity Construction Contracting
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We have closed the window on additional responses and have undergone a public RFP (request for proposal) opening ceremony. Our procurement experts will announce awarded vendor(s) based on the review committee’s recommendation and Sourcewell Board of Directors' approval.

Common Questions

Sourcewell conducts the following comprehensive 12-step process:

  1. Identify members’ needs
  2. Research solutions available in the marketplace
  3. Request permission from the Sourcewell Board of Directors
  4. Draft a solicitation, public advertisement, and notice
  5. Conduct a pre-proposal conference followed by receipt of responses
  6. Evaluate responses from proposers
  7. Review evaluation results
  8. Provide recommendations to the Sourcewell Board of Directors
  9. Award vendor(s)
  10. Post approved contract documents
  11. Develop and implement a joint marketing plan with awarded vendor(s)
  12. Review and maintain our contract throughout its term

For additional information, please reference Sourcewell's Cooperative Purchasing: How It Works page.

Our procurement team posts contract and competitive solicitation process documentation on our website under each individual vendor's awarded contract page. You can review these documents in the “Contract Documents” section. If you can’t find it, please request it by contacting the Sourcewell Contract Administrator listed on the page.

You can see sample price documentation for most contracts in the “Pricing” section. Due to pricing complexity, we recommend contacting the vendor for a customized quote. In compliance with MN Data Practices, we provide additional procurement files upon request by contacting the Sourcewell Contract Administrator listed on the vendor contract page.


We award contracts at the manufacturer level when possible. Our contract awards to manufacturers are made on behalf of that manufacturer’s dealer network. Likewise, contract awards made to a re-seller are made on behalf of the re-seller’s manufacturers, again through the relationship between the re-seller and their manufacturers.

In many cases, some products or equipment are only available through re-sellers. Either way, you will always have a single awarded contractor who takes responsibility for all third-party sub-contractors used in the acquiring and delivering of products and services. As a result of our contracting reputation, we can award contracts to quality vendors you can trust.

Sourcewell vendors earn contracts by responding to our nationally advertised solicitation and outscoring competitors in their respective categories. To learn more visit the Become a Vendor page.