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for central Minnesota cities & counties

Aerial view of downtown Little Falls, Minnesota

Planning for Success

Sourcewell specialists assist local governments in a variety of ways—including administering zoning ordinances, preparing/implementing planning documents, and supporting staff. We serve over 30 communities in central Minnesota.

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  • Community Engagement

    Moving communities toward change though public participation and a shared vision.

  • Comprehensive Planning

    Identifying challenges and opportunities for developing a comprehensive plan and vision for your community.

  • Downtown Plans

    Planning for economic development that represents the community’s best interests and priorities.

  • General Zoning Assistance

    Assisting with an array of zoning needs, including answering questions on your community’s zoning ordinance.

  • Mapping Services

    Creating aerial, zoning, future land use, parks and trails, and road maps for your community projects.

  • Park, Trail, and Open Space Plans

    Planning to support, protect, grow, and/or maintain your city’s park and open spaces to reflect the community’s vision.

  • Permitting

    Ensuring paperwork is submitted and local ordinances are followed during the permitting process.

  • Project/City Planning

    Working with you to coordinate projects, policies, and planning studies to achieve short- and long-range goals.

  • Subdivision Reviews

    Assisting your community in processing plats, planned unit development, and metes and bounds subdivision applications.

  • Zoning Ordinance Reviews/Amendments

    Updating and tailoring language to fit your community needs—from amending one section of an ordinance to a comprehensive review.

  • Zoning Reviews (Variances, Conditional Use)

    Providing reviews of zoning requests, determining compliance, and identifying laws for variance or conditional use permits.


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Sourcewell offers a variety of programs to help your city or county work more efficiently and effectively.

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