Health Engagement

with Benovate

This program is only available to public agencies located in Minnesota.

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Good Choices, Healthy Living

Manage Health Risks & Reduce Costs

By helping to improve the health and welfare of employees, Sourcewell members can better manage overall healthcare costs. Benovate is an interactive, online platform designed to proactively manage health by encouraging better lifestyle choices.

Benovate Overview

  • Educate

    The online platform is customized for each employee, and provides health, financial, and personal growth resources.

  • Evaluate

    Health engagement tools allow organizations to build databases of unique health metrics to identify trends and improve quality of care.

  • Anticipate

    Predictive modeling identifies at-risk individuals and guides them to appropriate services before a major medical event occurs.

  • Motivate

    Better health is the best reward, but additional incentives, like gift cards, help motivate employees to make healthy living habits part of their daily routine.

Looking for a smarter way to manage health risks?

Contact Ryan Donovan at 218-894-5461 or

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