Alpha Building Corporation

General Construction - State of Texas - Gulf Coast Area

Maturity Date: 03/04/2025

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Sourcewell contract TX-GC-GC-021920-ABC gives access to indefinite quantity construction contract services:

  • General construction 

Local Office: 
2474 Manana Drive
Dallas, TX 75220

Contract Documents

State of Texas - Gulf Coast Area - Indefinite Quantity Construction Contract

Contract #TX-GC-GC-021920-ABC
Effective 03/05/2020 - 03/04/2025

Competitive Solicitation Documentation


Pricing is developed on an individual project basis. To initiate a customized price quote, complete the ezIQC form (nongovernment website).

RFP Book 3 – CTC is available upon request

RFP Book 4 – Technical Specifications is available upon request

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