Municipal/Commercial Brine Makers/Storage Solution/Truck Fill Stations

Maturity Date: 07/17/2023

Products & Services

Sourcewell contract 052919-HPI gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Snow and ice control protection and application equipment
  • Ice control production equipment
  • Grounds and ag equipment
  • Brine storage tanks
  • Brine equipment structures
  • Self-cleaning brine makers
  • Brine makers
  • Brine system controls
  • Automated brine system controls
  • Mobile brine production systems
  • Brine truck fill stations

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Contract Documents

Salt, Brine, Anti-Icing, or De-Icing Agents, and Brine Production and Storage Systems

Contract #052919-HPI
Effective 07/17/2019 - 07/17/2023

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Pricing for this contract is provided at a discount off current year MSRP. For additional information, contact your local distributor.

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