Crafco, Inc.

Asphalt Patching & Roadway Maintenance Equipment

Maturity Date: 10/02/2021

Products & Services

Sourcewell contract 052417-CFC gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Pavement and asphalt maintenance equipment
  • Melters and applicators to heat and place sealants and fillers
  • Crack preparation equipment
  • Crack and joint sealants
  • Patchers for applying hot-applied mastics
  • Sealcoat applicators

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Contract Documents

Roadway Maintenance Equipment with Related Accessories, Attachments, Materials, and Supplies

Contract #052417-CFC
Effective 10/02/2017 - 10/02/2021

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Pricing for this contract is provided at a discount off current year MSRP. For additional information, contact your local distributor.

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