Public Works Communications Technology

Maturity Date: 07/07/2022

Products & Services

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Sourcewell contract 041217-RCS gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Waste & recycling apps
  • Waste & recycling communications
  • Waste Wizard Tool -"What Goes In What Bin"
  • Collection Calendar - "Never Miss Your Collection Day"
  • Waste Sorting Game - "Have Fun, While Learning to Recycle"
  • Special Collection Tool - "Schedule Bulky Item Pickups"
  • Custom branded, configurable tools
  • Service alerts & notifications (app, email, text, SMS, etc.)
  • Full metrics tracking: evaluate usage, campaign performance
  • Platforms: website tools, mobile apps (iOS & Google)

Additional information can be found on the vendor-provided, nongovernment website at:

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Solid Waste and Recycling Collection and Transport Equipment with Related Equipment, Supplies & Acce

Contract #041217-RCS
Effective 07/07/2017 - 07/07/2022

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